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Our entire menu is gluten-free with the exception of the Newman-O's we offer as a topping.
All our ingredients are organic except for a small amount of lecithin we use in our Icekreme.


$3.99 a Scoop
$2.99 a Scoop Kids 12 and Under
$12.00a Pint ($16.00 for Superfood)

Soft Serve

$4.99 - Small
$6.99 - Medium
$8.99 - Large


$0.99 each

Fresh Fruit (Seasonal)
Newman Os
Cafe Gratitude Granola
Raw Caramel Syrup
Raw Chocolate Syrup
Raw Salted Caramel
Chocolate Chips
Raw Cacao Nibs


$9.99 sm / $12.99 lg

Banana Split
2 or 3 Scoops of Choice of Icekreme, Bananas, Dry Topping, Raw Chocolate or Caramel Syrup


Kombucha Float

$9.99 sm / $12.99 lg

Brownie Sundae
Raw or Vegan Brownie, 2 or 3 Scoops of Icekreme, Raw Chocolate or Caramel Syrup, Dry Topping

$10.99 sm / $13.99 lg

Waffle Sundae
2 or 3 Scoops of Icekreme, Seasonal Fruit, Maple Syrup


Waffle Sandwich


Icekreme Sandwich
With Cookies from BabyCakes NYC


With Earth Balance and Maple Syrup


Cafe Gratitude Granola
With Almondmilk

Cafe Fare


Organic Soup of the Day


Open Face Sandwich of the Day
On Gluten Free French Meadow Bakery Rye Bread


Kale Salad of the Day


Hummus Plate
With Seasonal Veggies & Olives


Nacho Plate
With Seasonal Veggies or Veggie & Chips


Raw Cheese Plate


$6.99 12oz / $8.99 16oz

All Shakes Include Choice of Icekreme and Choice of Almondmilk or Coconut Milk



Strawberry (or Seasonal Fruit)

Coffee (with Cold-Pressed Coffee)

Almond Butter and Banana

Mocha (with Cold-Pressed Coffee and Chocolate Syrup)

Date Shake

Peaches & Cream

Orange Julius (with Vanilla and Orange Juice)

Wake & Shake (with Cold-Pressed Coffee, Mate, Chai, Maca, Chocolate Syrup)



$1.00 each

Add Banana
Add Kale

Drinks (Hot or Cold)


2 Cup French Press

$5.50 sm / $6.50 lg

Individual Drip

$4.25 12oz / $5.25 16oz / $6.25 20oz

Cold Pressed Coffee

$4.95 12oz / $5.95 16oz / $6.95 20oz

Latte (Cold Pressed Coffee, Fresh Almondmilk)
Mocha (Cold Pressed Coffee, Raw Chocolate Syrup)
Caramel Latte (Cold Pressed Coffee, Raw Caramel Syrup)
Dirty Chai (Chai, Cold Pressed Coffee, Almondmilk, Agave)
Dirty Mate (Yerba Mate, Cold Pressed Coffee, Almondmilk)
Hot Chocolate
Wake Up (Chai, Mate, Cold Pressed Coffee)

$6.99 12oz / $7.99 16oz / $8.99 20oz

Coffee Float (Icekreme Flavor of Choice, Cold Pressed Coffee)

$2.99 12oz / $3.99 16oz / $4.99 20oz

Tea (Black, Green, or Herbal)


Affogato (Shot of Espresso over a Scoop of Icekreme)


$6.99 12oz / $8.99 16oz

Orange Strawberry Banana
(When seasonally Available)

Blueberry Strawberry Orange
(When seasonally Available)

Pina Colada
Banana, Coconut, Pineapple

Orange, Banana, Coconut, Pineapple

$1.00 each

Add Banana
Add Kale

Add Shots

$1.50 each

E3 Live
VitaMineral Green
Goji Powder


$3.50 each

Thai Baby Coconut

$5.99 16oz / $7.99 20oz

Fresh (Cucumber, Ginger, Lemon, Apple)

I Have a Green (Apple, Lemon, Cucumber)

Sunset (Carrot, Beet)

Sunrise (Orange, Carrot, Strawberry)

Go Green (Cucumber, Kale, Celery, Lemon)

Make Your Own (Pick 4: Lemon, Orange, Apple, Ginger, Carrot, Cucumber, Celery, Kale)

$7.99 16oz / $9.99 20oz

Go Green The Sequel (Go Green blended with Avocado, Himalayan Crystal Salt and Chile)

$4.99 16oz / $6.99 20oz

Lemonade (Sweetened with Agave)

Seasonal Fruit Lemonade

Please Note: All products may contain nuts and may have been prepared with kitchen equipment that has been in contact with nuts.