Why We Use Honey

There is much debate in the vegan world about honey, and we respect the differing opinions regarding its use. We understand that the official definition of veganism does not include honey, but we do use honey in a select few of our flavors. We chose to do this for a few reasons, and we want to share them with you.

Our honey comes from the father-in-law of our founder, a beekeeper who only tends bees on organic orchards and in bee yards that contain no pesticides or herbicides. The bees are never given antibiotics, and they are allowed to eat their own honey all year round. Admiration and appreciation for bees, the humane nature in which these bees are tended, and the high moral standards of our beekeeper result in the bees living healthy long lives.

Bees are an important component of organic and sustainable agriculture, especially where fruit is grown. They increase the diversity of plant life, which in turn increases the diversity of insects and herbivorous animals. This integrated system also increases soil fertility. Without a diverse population of flora and fauna, farmers are forced to turn to petroleum based fertilizers, herbicides, and other detrimental products and techniques that are associated with corporate GMO farming practices that harm our planet's health and our population's well being.

Honey is a powerful antioxidant, and has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Besides being rich in nutrition, honey has been shown to be better for people with diabetic conditions, helps produce healthier skin and aids in acne reduction, can help heal wounds, aids in digestion, and has shown performance increases in athletes. Because of all these benefits which honey offers, we believe it to be superior to many other sweeteners.

The final reason we use honey is because in addition to our products being vegan, they are also raw. Unlike agave and maple syrup, the raw honey we use is the only sweetener available to us that is not processed with heat. We use honey in a few of our flavors so our customers looking for a 100% raw product will be able to enjoy our treats the same way our customers looking for a 100% vegan product will with our other flavors.

We recognize that many of our customers with vegan diets may not share our views about honey, and most of our flavors are sweetened with strict vegan alternatives. We make certain that the ingredients of each flavor are available to the consumer so that those who do not wish to consume honey, or any other ingredient, will not accidentally do so.

Our overall goal is to produce a product that not only provides a healthy alternative for our customers, but treats our planet with honor and respect. As always, we strive to be "Kind to you. Kind to the planet."