What are the base ingredients that you use?

Most of our flavors use a base of raw cashews, fresh almondmilk, and coconut. The lighter fruit flavors use only the coconut as their base.

I'm allergic to nuts, are there any flavors I can eat?

We do have a few flavors that are coconut-based, however all of our treats are made with the same equipment that processes our nut-based products. We do our very best to be as allergy-friendly as possible, but we can not make any guarantees that the non-nut flavors won't contain trace amounts of nuts.

Do any of your flavors contain soy?

We use a very small amount of soy lecithin (about a teaspoon per gallon) in all of our flavors, which acts as an emulsifier. For most people this is considered to be of little to no consequence with respect to allergies, although the lecithin may contain protein which is what most allergies are triggered by.

Why do you use honey?

In addition to being a vegan shop, we're also a raw food shop. We use raw honey in a very few of our flavors so we can provide our customers looking for a 100% raw product the same tasty treats that our customers looking for a 100% vegan product enjoy. You can read more about our use of honey and where it comes from on our Why we use Honey page.

Is there anything else non-vegan?

Honey is the only non-vegan ingredient we use, however in addition to honey we are dedicated supporters of organic, sustainable, and polyculture farming methods. These methods rely heavily on animal byproducts for fertilizer, worms for composting, and in many cases the tending of bees for pollination or free-range chickens for fertilizer and soil health. We feel that this method of cultivation is far superior to the petroleum-based, corporate-owned, big business GMO farms and is essential for the overall health of our planet and society.

Why are your products so expensive?

Organic, sustainable, and fair trade ingredients tend to be very expensive. Because of our commitment to the planet, we feel it is worth our financial investment to use only these ingredients in our products. The process for creating our products is also very labor-intensive. For example, we make all of our almondmilk by hand, and husk fresh coconuts every day. Lastly, our commitment to the environment extends to our packaging, our printing, our energy consumption, our silverware, our napkins, and beyond. As you can imagine, all of this is more expensive than the more common but environmentally damaging alternatives. We hope that as our business grows, more and more businesses will follow our model, creating a higher demand for sustainable and eco-friendly products. This will result in suppliers offering these products to lower their prices, and will allow us to pass along the savings to our customers.

Are you vegans yourselves?

Our founder Mollie likes to say she has been a vegan since the womb. She is a avid supporter of the vegan movement, eats in vegan restaurants, and only cooks vegan meals in her kitchen. She grows all of her own produce and fruit in the back yard of her suburban home, and is extremely conscious about not only what she feeds herself and her family, but where it came from, how it was grown, and how it was processed.